Crisp Autumn Day: My Fall Spotify Playlist is Live

A little thoughtful, a little cozy, and full of feelings: my fall Spotify playlist is live.

I’m excited to share this playlist with you because it captures my many emotions this season: sadness that summer is over (The Night We Met), coziness and contentment staying home (Bright), uncertainty about the future (Grow As We Go), and comfort knowing we can learn from the past (Dreams).

As I get older, I’m noticing I connect less and less with the top playlists on Spotify. I realize how old I sound typing this, but it’s true!

When I was in my twenties, I was mostly a pop music junky: I liked songs that were upbeat, regardless of the lyrics or message. Although I’ve always had a soft spot for certain singer-songwriter groups, they usually weren’t the most played on my iPod (ok, I sound super old now).

In stark contrast to my former self, this fall playlist encompasses more thoughtful, introspective music. In particular, I’m so happy I discovered Sasha Sloan, Leon Bridges, and Lord Huron.

I’ll fully admit that Sasha’s hauntingly beautiful “Dancing With Your Ghost” makes me cry every time. Same with Lord Huron. When I listen to “The Night We Met,” I can’t help but feel like I’m in a high school gymnasium dance, where the night is all but over and the music is playing to an emptying room. There’s an ache of regret, as if an opportunity (or a person) was missed.

I’ve found that introspective music brings out my own creativity. It’s inspiring to listen to those who have put their emotions into words with such delicate accuracy.

But don’t worry, not everything on this playlist is overly contemplative: Sam Smith’s acoustic version of “Diamonds” makes an appearance, along with a great acoustic cover of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” Apparently my pop music roots are hard to abandon.

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Let me know of any great songs I’m missing out on – I’m sure there are a ton!

Have a great Wednesday. – Haileigh

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