Fitness Friday: Nike Tanjun

I’m getting back into running this year. Keep in mind that “back into” is a bit of an exaggeration since I was never very good at it in the first place.

But if I’m working toward this goal, I need to look the part, right? I saw my much-loved, muddy old running shoes with holes in the toes and decided I needed new ones.

Most of the time at the gym, I’m wearing my Converse: the flat soles are great for weightlifting. I didn’t know where to start with running shoes.

I was looking for something versatile, lightweight, and cute: a shoe that could take me from the street to a happy hour (if those will ever exist again) looking effortlessly chic. So, like any aspiring runner would, I started Googling.

The Nike Tanjun line (tanjun is a Japanese word meaning “simplicity”) kept showing up and got great reviews. I liked how they were available in several colors and priced affordably (around $60). I ordered a pair in gray/white.

They arrived quickly and I couldn’t wait to try them out. Right away, I loved the lightweight design and sleek lines. As the name suggests, Nike Tanjun shoes are simple and elegant. They are the perfect choice for treadmill or street running.

These shoes are SO comfortable and they look great with jeans, too. While I wouldn’t wear my Tanjun shoes on a trail (not the best traction and I’d hate to get the shiny white soles muddy) they are perfect for the gym and running around town.

Did they turn me into the next Usain Bolt? No. Did make me a better runner? I believe they did.

Tanjun ranges in price from about $54.99 to around $65.00. I ordered mine directly from Nike (they had the best size/color selection).

Now the only question is: which color combo will you choose?

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