The Future is Clean: Beautycounter

I’ll always remember the summer I discovered EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database: an index of thousands of beauty products, investigated and rated by the potentially harmful ingredients they contained.

I remember dumping out my makeup bag and going through each item to see if any were worth keeping. I was devastated to discover my favorite lipstick at the time, Mystic Mauve by L’Oreal, was one of the worst offenders.

That was years ago, and it still bothers me how unregulated the United States cosmetics industry is.

An excerpt from the FDA’s website regarding cosmetics safety.

Luckily, my best friend introduced me to Beautycounter. They’re on a mission to “formulate, advocate, and educate” to ensure everyone has access to safe cosmetics. They’re so passionate about safety, they have a list of over 1,800 ingredients they vow never to use. Ordering from Beautycounter takes the guesswork out of finding clean beauty products.

Here’s what was in my first order!

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

I was a little nervous buying this foundation online without testing it in person, but this foundation really is a “skin twin” – it blends perfectly.

It provides the right amount of coverage without looking too greasy. I apply it over my moisturizer and sunscreen and it layers well. Another perk: I work out about 6 days a week, and so far, it has stayed in place through exercise (even after running on a damp, cold day).

Satin Powder Blush in Sorbet

This lusciously powdered blush applies evenly and has a strong color: a little bit goes a long way. I chose the “sorbet” color which is a beautiful deep mauve, perfect for fall. I’d definitely get another one in “melon” for the warmer months.

A clean beauty routine is something I’ve been working toward for a while. I’m thankful for companies like Beautycounter that make it much easier to find quality products without the harmful ingredients. #betterbeauty

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