3 Blanket Scarves You Need Right Now

This past weekend really felt like fall. The leaves in Pennsylvania are at their peak color, the sky has been so blue, the days have been mild, and the evenings chilly. Whenever I get tired of living on the East Coast (which happens every so often), I always think about the changing seasons and how beautiful fall is here. It tides me over until the next time the feeling strikes.

It can be a little challenging to dress for fall days. You don’t want to wear anything too bulky, but you also don’t want to be cold while hanging at the playground (where we spend plenty of time these days).

That’s why I love blanket scarves: they’re a great multi-purpose accessory that can be a true scarf, a shawl, or a blanket. Here are my top blanket scarf picks for this fall.

Recycled Cozy Scarf (Gap)

First up is the Recycled Cozy Scarf at Gap. Of course, anything “recycled” catches my eye – I’m always so impressed with the creative ways companies are repurposing materials and becoming more eco-friendly.

This scarf is made from 100% recycled polyester and comes in 6 patterns. Not too crazy about the pinstripe one or the camo one, but I do love the yellow plaid, ivory & pink check, white & navy blue windowpane, and black check.

Also, have you noticed the crazy sales going on lately at Old Navy, Gap, and their other sister stores? This scarf is 50% off today. There’s no code – the discount is applied at checkout.

Monogram Plaid Blanket Scarf by BlueSuedeStitches (Etsy)

They had me at “monogram” and “Etsy.” I like supporting small businesses where I can and BlueSuedeStitches has sold more than 15,000 items and has a 4.7 rating.

The price varies a bit depending on if you choose no monogram ($12.00), a single initial ($16.95), and a full monogram ($19.95), but none are too expensive.

There are a bunch of great plaids to choose from but I think I like #5 and #6 the best.

Bess Bridal Women’s Plaid Blanket Winter Scarf (Amazon)

No idea why this adorable scarf is made by a bridal company, but I’m not asking questions. This one is also perfect for those who have trouble making decisions since it comes in over 30 patterns.

I have it in “camel” and it’s a steal at only $13.59. It also looks like there’s a 6% discount right now you can apply at checkout.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the quality at this price. But it’s actually a very heavy, durable knit scarf – and super warm. I like how it goes well with many fall colors – white, burgundy, green, black. I’d buy it again.

Hope you have a great Monday! If you enjoyed this post, please follow along on WordPress and find me on Instagram @classicthirty. – Haileigh

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