Our Anniversary

Alan and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary over the weekend. It didn’t look quite like we had anticipated (we were planning to celebrate by hiking Zion National Park), but it was memorable and magical just the same.

This year, we didn’t go out to dinner or dress up. We didn’t even exchange gifts. Instead, we spent the day working in the yard, enjoying the sunshine, and playing with Daphne. We took a long nap and finished the day with street tacos and homemade cilantro vinaigrette. It was close to a perfect day.


Being married for 5 years has taught me a great deal about love and life.

Marriage is care. It’s pouring two cups of coffee in the morning, instead of just your own. It’s asking, “Anyone need anything?” when you get up from the dinner table and head into the kitchen.

It’s discussing big purchases before making them. It’s prioritizing home improvement projects and goals depending on what matters most to each person.

It’s not having to face life’s uncertainties alone, which is especially important in the unprecedented time we’re living in.

It can be a heated argument that lingers long into the evening. When it resolves, it’s realizing you both had a point and will need to meet somewhere in the middle. It’s forgiveness, self-awareness, constant improvement.

It’s late-night conversations and Netflix binges. It’s shared interests and hobbies. It’s having someone to share the challenges and joys of parenting.

Marriage can be many things, but most importantly, it is love.

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