My Tips for Finding Time to Blog

Life can get really busy sometimes. I love blogging and I want to post regularly, but for a while, I was having trouble finding spare time to write.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned that blogging is actually very difficult. It can seem easy from the outside, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Most amateur bloggers write all their own content, take original photos, design their logos and branding materials, post on social media, and interact with followers. It takes a tremendous amount of work to consistently create content that people want to read.

It’s daunting, sure, but not impossible. Through much trial-and-error, I’ve discovered a few shortcuts to posting consistently.

Write Posts in Pieces

I am a recreational blogger, so blogging comes second to my “real” life. Family, work, and home obligations come first.

I rarely have more than an hour to sit down and write. That might sound like enough time, but it really isn’t long enough to create a solid post (and prepare the promotional materials to go along with it).

To make the most of my limited time, I compose my posts in pieces and put them all together at a later time. When I have a free few minutes waiting in line somewhere, I write. If Daphne goes to bed early, I edit photos and create my header graphics.

Breaking the posts into smaller chunks of work makes them less daunting.

Blog About What You Know/Do

When I was trying to redesign my blog a few months ago, I tossed around being a food blogger. I wanted to become a better home chef and I thought blogging could be a way for me to explore this new hobby.

It was a nice thought, but to be honest, crafting original recipes regularly isn’t part of my schedule (and it probably won’t be for the next few years). Since cooking is not something I’m already doing every day, it would be really difficult to create thoughtful content regularly.

For this reason, I decided to blog about what I’m already doing: exploring my home city of Pittsburgh, parenting, fitness, etc.

The “lifestyle” niche fits me much better because I don’t need to change my life for my blog. It also keeps me authentic, since I’m already doing the things I write about.

Set Aside an Hour a Day (If Possible)

In addition to my first point about “chunked” time, I try to spend one hour uninterrupted each day on my blog.

I use this hour to put my posts together, proofread, finish editing pics, and set up my social media posts for the next day. For me, I find this hour after my daughter goes to bed.

Store Posts for “Rainy Days”

Some days will be so extraordinarily busy that you simply won’t have time to write. That won’t be a problem if you have some “rainy day” posts lined up in your drafts.

On super busy days, all I have to do is tap “publish” on one of my draft posts and I have new content ready to go.

I feel a lot less stressed when I have posts ready to go. As a working mom, I’m never quite sure what my day will look like. When I have drafts saved, it’s not a big deal if I don’t have time to write.

Get the WordPress App

I really like the WordPress app. If you’re a WordPress-based site, I recommend downloading it. It makes writing, designing, and reviewing analytics super easy when you’re on-the-go.

If blogging is something you love to do, make sure to prioritize it in your day and find time to write.

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